What families are saying:


We get so much joy and growth out of these classes. I feel like it is the single most significant thing we have done for our son's development (and enjoyment of life all week long!). I can't imagine our lives without it. Plus it's so fun to see his interaction with the other kiddos and adults. His development of trust, and the growth of relationships/ interactions is not something I get to witness every day.

A. Patitucci

From a grandmother who brings her grandson to class each week:

I just wanted to let you know how much my grandson is getting out of the Music Together® classes. His parents report that he sings along with the songs in the car, responds to the "calling notes" and dances to the beat. One day, his mother, used the CD to entertain my grandson, and she videotaped it. He was dancing to the Wedding Song - kicking his legs, clapping his hands, and jumping up and down. It was so cute. He also "colored" with his markers in a book while listening to one of the CD"s for 45 minutes! His mother has told me that I should not underestimate the value of these classes in his life. I know that to be true. You are a wonderful teacher, and all of us are benefiting from Music Together. Thank you so much,

P. Henderson

In our 5 years of Music Together, including repeating 6 collections twice, we've enjoyed so much fun, music, family time, play and learning. Because we've taken the classes for so long, this program and our wonderful teacher have become a part of our lives. It's more than just a class we take. Music together songs are ingrained in what we do and in both ordinary and special times we remember. When we start a new semester/collection my kids are starting from a place of familiarity with the songs. They're all still in their brains just waiting to come back out. My children have each had different favorite songs the second time in each collection, which has been so interesting to see. They (and I) now have this large repertoire of music they just know, and know well. In the past week, my 5-year old has spontaneously sung songs from 4 different collections. They can now play with the music, like when my 8-year old wins a game and sings a victory song to the tune of one of the Music Together songs. I've always looked forward to the class time each week, as a fun time to connect with my kids, other parents, and our instructor. But it's so much more, and my kids are showing me that all the time.

J. McCord

"Your class is amazing, both my daughter and I have greatly enjoyed being a part of it.
We look forward to music class each week and I find our whole family now incorporates
music into our lives much more. Thanks! "

L. Pfeifer

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the class so far. It has been such a special time of our week. It's been a treat to watch our son's love of music develop. He has absolutely loved the class and continues to ask for the cd every time we get in the car; he's started singing some of the words out loud."

B. Klynn

"We have been attending music together for a year, but it seems like a lifetime. The music and movements from the class are such a part of our daily lives, that I have referred to it as the soundtrack of our lives. We began the class when my daughter was 14 months and just beginning to speak. Her first words and phrases were lyrics from the Music Together songs. Each week she has her favorite song from class that she sings over and over. As she is going to sleep in her bed, I hear her singing her Music Together songs. I can tell it calms her, and is something that she really enjoys. I think that the class is really the best thing that I could have done for her development. We love it!"

M. Hogan